12 Fun Camping Games for Kids

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Camping is an exciting experience for kids. Just getting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life can be refreshing, but camping offers so much more than that.

Camping is a chance to bond with friends or family over activities like fishing, hiking, swimming in a lake, telling ghost stories around the campfire. 

There are countless opportunities for fun. Here are some excellent fun camping games your kids can play while you’re out camping.

Kids Fun Camping Games

Below, I have added a variety of fun camping games for kids and families alike.

Nature-based activities will immerse you in the great outdoors while educational games can be enjoyed from your campsite.

Nature Fun Camping Games

I Spy:

What’s more fun than playing I spy with your little ones while eating lunch at the campsite or on a break from hiking?

It can be an excellent way to get acquainted and socialize.

Each kid gives clues about what they see within viewing distance, using phrases like “I Spy (clue)!” but then it becomes their job by repeating them back until someone guesses correctly.

🔦 Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is a great way to get kids excited about nature.

Create an outdoor activity list that includes items like flowers, leaves, and bugs.

Make it challenging by requiring them all to have their unique combination of three or more animal tracks for the camper who finds them first can opt-out from cleaning up afterward – this will keep everyone on their toes while also teaching teamwork skills along the way.


If you’re looking for a twist on the traditional favorite, take your game into nature.

Find an old, sturdy tree trunk and set up four short sticks to create two vertical sticks with two horizontal equidistant from each other to form what’s called “tic tac toe.”

Then use rocks or tiny pinecones as markers – it all depends on how intense players want their games.

Active Fun Camping Games

These fun games are best played in large open spaces with lots of room to move around.

They require more agility than the other options on this list, but it’s worth playing if you have an energetic child, or they’ll be bored quickly.

Knot Tying

This is a simple game that anyone can participate in.

You just need some tying materials and an object to tie them, like string or rope.

Make sure each kid has learned how to tie at least one type of knot before starting, so they are more likely to have success with this challenge.

The first person who finishes their task wins, but there’s no time limit on completing it – kids are allowed as many tries as needed until someone succeeds.

Obstacle course

This game is guaranteed to get their hearts racing and burn calories.

You can have them hopping from one foot on the ground up into a standing position; then ask them to run as fast as possible back and forth between two people or objects while avoiding them, and do twenty jumping jacks in total.

Freeze Tag

It’s afoot in the forest!

One person is “it,” and they chase after other players who may be tagging them, but once that player touches another person or gets tagged themselves – poof!

They become frozen until only one of you standing remains.

The last one left without being touched by anyone else wins; and becomes king or queen.

Educational Fun Camping Games

Educational camping games are a lot of fun for kids to keep their minds active while camping.

They’re great because they can play these activities with adults or just the other kids.

Camping Bingo

This is a fun and easy game to play at the campgrounds, where kids can work on their problem-solving skills while they’re having some good times.

Give out clues that will help them figure out what’s missing for the puzzle pieces of the strip to fit together as they should.

The first one who makes both vertical or horizontal lines down from the left side must be announced as the winner – whoever does so gets bragging rights until our next camping trip.


For young campers, a good old-fashioned puzzle is an activity that will keep their minds busy and give them the feeling of accomplishment.

Choose your desired piece amount—maybe even go by number if you have fewer pieces than how many kids are in your group.

Place it on a top picnic table or sturdy blanket somewhere out in an open space so all can participate equally.

Alphabet Fun Game

It’s time to teach your little one about the Alphabet.

This game is great for practicing their ABCs.

Kids have to find or draw objects that start with a specific letter, from A through Z.

The first one who sees all of them wins.

Campfire Fun Camping Games

Campfire games are a great way to spend time with your family.

They only require the warmth of an open fire and creativity and you can play them anywhere.

Twenty Questions

If it’s your turn, you pick an object, and the other players can ask 20 questions to determine what the object might be, but only answer yes or no according to their knowledge on this specific topic.

Telephone Game

This game is played with the group sitting shoulder to shoulder, and it starts when someone at one end of a long line says their sentence out loud.

Then this person passes on its message by whispering it in turn until everyone has heard it before finally saying what they were told initially.

Name That Tune

It’s a battle of the brains as kids try to outsmart each other with their music knowledge.

One person starts by humming what they think is one of someone else’s favorite tunes, and then everyone takes turns guessing.

The first person who guesses correctly gets points from all participants.

However, if no one answers correctly within thirty seconds, everybody loses.

To Wrap Up It All Up

I hope you’ve found some new exciting games to play at the campsite, but remember that there are other fun things to do when camping with kids. Kids can enjoy nature walks or fishing trips while parents take a break from their responsibilities for a while. 

Or if they’re not too tired, make s’mores around the campfire. What’s your favorite fun camping game to play on family adventures? 

I hope you found this useful! If you did please sure this with your friends and family so we can bring more camping tips and ideas to the world!

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