Best RVers Tik Tok Accounts to Follow

RVing is one of the most popular outdoor activities. For those who love spending time in nature, there are few things more rewarding than exploring a new trail or camping in an idyllic location. 

If you’re looking for some inspiration and great tips on how to make the most of your next camping or RVing trip, be sure to follow these Toktok accounts. From experienced outdoorsmen and women who can teach you everything you need to know about camping and hiking to passionate adventurers sharing their latest escapades, these vloggers have something for everyone. 

So whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started, be sure to check out these must-follow Tik Tok accounts for RVers.


7 Best Tiktok Accounts to Follow for RVers

7 Best Tiktok Accounts to Follow for RVers

1. RV Miles

RV Miles is a popular Tiktok that’s run by Abbie and Jason, besides a Youtube channel, podcast, and website. They’ve been sharing their adventures in the RV lifestyle with up-to-date information on how to live life fully outside of your comfort zone. 

Their videos feature Jason and Abbie as they share informative reviews from National Parks across America, product reviews, and testing tips for smart purchases while RVing.

This couple has been on the road since 2016 and is a great source for information and tips for RV life.


RV Miles/ Jason + Abby (@rvmiles) TikTok | Watch RV Miles/ Jason + Abby’s Newest TikTok Videos

RV Miles/ Jason + Abby (@rvmiles) on TikTok | 182K Likes. 8.9K Fans. Follow on YouTube for RV & camping news. Full-time RV since 2016 #1 RV Podcast

2. Court and Nate

With 1.9 million followers and 55+ Million likes on TikTok, Court & Nate are inspiring other van dwellers with their journey building from scratch.

The couple shares all aspects of life in the tiny house. From van-building tutorials, project updates from their journey so far, as well as tips on how other adventurers should go about renovating an old motorhome or trailer into something comfortable inside while still retaining its original look outside – there’s plenty here that’ll get anyone excited about taking up residence in a tiny house!


courtandnate (@courtandnate) Official TikTok | Watch courtandnate’s Newest TikTok Videos

courtandnate (@courtandnate) on TikTok | 61.1M Likes. 2.1M Fans. van dwellers & builders living & working on the road IG: @courtandnate

3. Fifth Wheel Living

Fifth Wheel Living is the perfect TikTok account for anyone who’s dreamed of living in an RV but hasn’t yet made the big move. With Kirsten, you’ll find out what it takes to normalize your life as a full-time traveler and renovate without fear.

She shares simple RVing tips like cooking food with limited countertop space or dealing with storage issues – all while showing off her renovated interior that makes this lifestyle workable by giving her followers insight into how she has done it herself.

This is the perfect account if you need a little push or convincing that van life can be as comfortable as home.


Kirs Trailer Treasure (@fifth_wheel_living) TikTok | Watch Kirs Trailer Treasure’s Newest TikTok Videos

Kirs Trailer Treasure (@fifth_wheel_living) on TikTok | 2.7M Likes. 184.6K Fans. RV Life Full-time Financially Free | 615 ⬇️Collab Email, Social Links, RV Tour.

4. Sydney Ferbrache

Syd Ferbrache, known on TikTok as Divineontheroad has been traveling alone for two years now, and she figured that it would be interesting to show people what life as a woman in our modern world looks like when we’re out there exploring new territory by ourselves – not just taking pictures or meeting friends at tourist spots. 

When Sydney Ferbrache started her journey across America, she had no idea that it would turn into an adventure show for TikTok. Two years later, she now boasts 728k followers on the app. She shares her daily experiences like nighttime safety routine, how to make money on the road, and reviews on camping.

Sydney Ferbrache is an Indiana native and boasts how her Lifestyle 2.0 has opened up so many opportunities to explore America and meet people along the way: “You can sit at home and be bored or you can take advantage of what’s around you and connect with new people.” She says it best herself.


Sydney Ferbrache (@divineontheroad) TikTok | Watch Sydney Ferbrache’s Newest TikTok Videos

Sydney Ferbrache (@divineontheroad) on TikTok | 13.5M Likes. 889.8K Fans. Daily IG Stories Solo Female Van Life 3+ Years On The Road

5. Carly Rowena

After finding success with her YouTube channel, which has over 400k subscribers and millions of views on the videos she posts each month about fitness lifestyle topics like yoga workouts, Carly decided it was time for an upgrade. So instead of living somewhere permanently just so that she could continue making these helpful guides, she now shares them from an RV. 

When she’s not poking fun at home design trends or testing out new recipes in her converted van, you can find Carly Rowena driving around the UK with her husband and two-year-old son. She shares videos about living nomadically as an RV-averse family of three.


Carly Rowena (@carlyrowena) Official TikTok | Watch Carly Rowena’s Newest TikTok Videos

Carly Rowena (@carlyrowena) on TikTok | 883.8K Likes. 71.3K Fans. I post more on IG + YouTube 😋

6. Momlife in a Campervan

Kat Elizabeth’s life as a mom living in an RV with five children is nothing short of adventurous. Kat says they chose this home due to her husbands’ work requirements that leave them apart often, and life on the move seemed to be the best option to keep them together.

They upload videos of themselves enjoying all sorts of activities, from cookouts at night under starry skies or making s’mores by day while sitting near a fire pit that looks so warm and welcoming! It’s no wonder camping is a popular choice for families with children, who are especially thrilled about hanging out in the great outdoors. From marshmallows to hiking trails, they can enjoy all of nature’s wonders right at their fingertips!


Kat Elizabeth (@momlife_in_a_camper) TikTok | Watch Kat Elizabeth’s Newest TikTok Videos

Kat Elizabeth (@momlife_in_a_camper) on TikTok | 1.9M Likes. 149.4K Fans. Mom of 6 RV Life Kinda Crunchy

7. Summer Ginther 

When Summer Ginther sold her home and almost everything she owned a little over one year ago, it was with the hope that life would be different, and indeed it was! 

Summer Ginther is the perfect account for anyone who wants to get an idea of what it’s like living full-time in your RV. Her TikTok videos are filled with helpful tips on cooking (especially if you’re vegan!) solar energy advice, and she even offers some travel guidance too.

With a profile like Summer Ginther’s, it is no surprise that she has accumulated over 340K followers on TikTok. Her videos are typically home footage of her and her husband traveling in their motorhome full-time.


Summer Ginther (@summerginther) TikTok | Watch Summer Ginther’s Newest TikTok Videos

Summer Ginther (@summerginther) on TikTok | 6.8M Likes. 341.1K Fans. Van life. 🚎 Renovating an A-Frame Cabin. ⛺️ 💌


It is clear that you live in your camper full-time, but what do you like most about it? The nature, flexibility, exploration…It’s everything. 

RVers are a pretty unique bunch. You might be one of them, or you may know someone who is an avid RVer and want to learn more about their lifestyle. The best way to do that? Follow these TikTok accounts!

These people have been living on the road for decades now – they’re experts in all things RVing, from cooking tips to where the newest truck stop is located. We hope this blog has helped you find the best RVers Tik Tok accounts and given you some inspiration to become one.

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