9 RV & Camping Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2022

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There’s no shortage of Instagram accounts to follow when it comes to camping and RV enthusiasts. But which ones should you be keeping an eye on in 2022? 

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best accounts to follow for some advice, inspiration, and laughs. So whether you’re a seasoned camper or just getting started, make sure these accounts are on your radar! Let’s jump in!!!

RV & Camping Brands/Personalities to Follow on IG

1. @awakethesoul

The Instagram account @awakethesoul is a one-stop shop for anyone looking to get out there and enjoy nature. From scenic camping shots, photos with waving bears, you name it. The vibe on this account is totally unique, and you’ll find yourself smiling at all of the pictures. From scenic camping shots to waving bears, there’s a little something here for everyone.


This clothing brand: Awake the Soul has an Instagram feed filled with some really great content- I can’t get enough of their ‘Cabin Life Highlights.’


You can also find cute pictures of dogs or submit your own photography if you have any photos that tell their story too.

2. @lovethatrv What if I told you that there was an Instagram account dedicated exclusively to tiny homes and mobile lifestyles? One where the photos are fun, vibrant, and often contain some seriously cool vintage trailers. It would be impossible for any person who loves camping or traveling in their RV not to want this as part of their daily life. @lovethatrv is all about living off-the-grid with style (think chic interior design hacks).

LOVETHATRV is the ultimate authority when it comes to tiny homes and mobile lifestyles. From cool vintage trailers to luxurious fifth wheels, these guys know their way around all things RV renovation-related. They’re also able to prove that comfort doesn’t just exist indoors; it can be found anywhere you take yourself away from city living…to nature!

3. @slowcarfasthome

If you’re into dogs and RVs Danielle and Tommy are an outdoorsy, travel-loving couple with two dogs that live in their own self renovated 1992 Toyota Odyssey. They love to collaborate on content for brands across various industries while documenting all of the adventures they have together.


With over 73k followers on Instagram, you can see why we’re calling them one-hit wonders because this will definitely be something worth following. Their RV is called Nigel (after an old friend) but he’s more than just a vehicle for these two; it’s home!

  1. @wanderingwknds

Looking for family camping ideas? Wandering Weekends are your go-to page. Whether your weekdays are spent working and then RVing at the weekends or vice versa – this family has got plenty of inspiring content which will help get any adventure started. 

And if that’s not enough they also organized a group on Facebook where people can share their camping trips too so be sure to check them out there as well!
  1. @myselfreliance

Want to find an exciting Instagram user? Here’s a guy who posts some of the most unique content around- Shawn James. My Self Reliance features videos from hunting, fishing, and camping all done by this fun outdoorsman with over 166k followers! You’ll even see him building log cabins or preparing food for himself in his latest uploads (and they’re not just salads). 

He has Cali with him sometimes; his adorable sidekick who makes it all worthwhile too.
  1. @taoutdoorofficial

Mike Pullen is an outdoor enthusiast from the UK with a unique perspective and content that differs from many American camping Instagrammers. He often uploads short vlogs to his Instagram that feature fishing, hunting as well as traditional campouts.

TA outdoors has been one of the top contenders for the best Camping Influencer account. With over 246k followers already on their way up, there’s no doubt this guy will have plenty more by next summer when you should start following them if not sooner.

  1. @thetentcommandments

When you’re looking for your next camping adventure, there’s no better source than The Tent Commandments. This Instagram page has gained almost 30k followers and offers tons of great information on tents. 

As an avid camper myself I know that it can be hard to figure out what product will best suit my needs- but not anymore because The Tent Commandments has done most research ahead of time so we don’t need any more stress when planning a trip outdoors.

His feed also features picturesque backdrops of where he’s pitched his own little piece(s)of paradise while out exploring new territory with friends, family, or just his dogs.

  1. @pattiegonia

Pattie Gonia is an outdoorsman’s favorite drag personality. Her Instagram feed features breathtaking images of the trails she affectionately goes “hiqueen” on. 

She always makes the most out of it by donning extravagant nature-themed outfits that are as fun to look at as they are environmentally conscious. With over 400k followers who love following along every step (and confidently admit their addiction), there really isn’t any reason not to get hooked yourself.

The elaborate nature-themed makeup and outfits make it feel like you can also be part of this fantastic world.

  1. @cliford.mervil

It’s been said that the best camera is a DSLR, and this artist just might be using one of those. If you’re looking for an outdoor enthusiast to follow on Instagram then look no further because here comes Clifford Mervil.

He is a professional photographer who is so talented at capturing the magic of nature. His beautifully curated feed will have you dreaming about your next adventure.


A Shout out to everyone on the list! I hope y'all found this helpful! Was there someone or a page you think we missed? Tweet us @helpfulcamping or email and let us know 🙂 Until next time, happy camping!

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